The Great American Road Trip: Lesson 1

January 2015
Part I: From North Carolina to Texas

the great american road trip

We loaded the truck with anything that would fit; snowboards, kayaks, mountain bikes; you name it. Leaving from Asheville, North Carolina at dawn, the moon still hung above the smokies as if to wish us ‘Bon Voyage’. The first destination: New Mexico.

the great american roadtrip

As a kid I remember my parents pulling out the atlas and road map to navigate long journeys. As an adult, those days have faded into distant memories. I’d be lying if I told you I don’t appreciate the convenience of the of google maps. I plugged in New Mexico on my phone. Our drive was estimated at just over twenty two hours. I40 West would get us close.

Hold your breath.

Only three hours into the drive I felt my eyelids start to droop. The excitement of a road trip wears off quickly when the road stretches endlessly into an abyss of corn and soybean. We made a quick pit stop to grab a motivational morning joe.

the great american road trip

Now I’m not going to tell you that driving through Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma was fun; because honestly, a doctors appointment would’ve been more exciting. But sometimes, those dull parts; well, they’re just opportunities to make the trip special in different ways..

the great american road trip

Should you ever find yourself crossing into the panhandle from Oklahoma, I’d personally like to advocate for The Big Texan. It’s the first place serving decent beer in miles.

the great american road trip

Oh and hey, in need of grub? Well ‘partner’, look no further.

the great american road trip

So let’s recap here; make sure I drove home the point…


Lesson #1:

Come One, Come all! Stop in at least one corny roadside attraction. Here’s a list by National Geographic of  America’s Top 10 Roadside Attractions.