The Great American Road Trip: Lesson 4


the great american road trip

The moon still hung high over the barren desert of Joshua Tree, CA as we pulled in. “Where ya comin from?!” the guard asked with a beaming smile as I handed over my National Parks Pass. “North Carolina,” I offered politely. The distance we had covered began to sink in; we were a long ways from home.

The hunt was on; we searched for our ideal campsite; flat with a great view. After a few laps we decided on this spot. I parked and we exploded from the doors of the truck; chomping at the bit to get out and climb on some rocks.

The place was more amazing than I had imagined. Armed with climbing shoes, a Nalgene, and chalk bag, we took off to discover what J Tree had in store for us.

the great american road trip

As the sun dipped down over the hill we returned to the truck to grab a few cold beers.

the great american road trip

Beverages in hand, we scrambled up the rocks to claim some prime real-estate for the show.

the great american road trip

The view from our truck; a painted desert.

In the distance, climbers stand on the highest viewpoint.

6:30am on our last day in J Tree.

Taking in the dirtbag oasis one last time before setting off on the next leg of the journey.


Lesson #4:

If your planning on seeing some National Parks on your road trip then you’ll definitely want to pick up an annual National Park Pass. For $80 you can get into any National Park for the entire year. Here’s a link to get one.