The Great American Road Trip: Lesson 3

Part III: Into California

The great american road trip

It’s bizarre; when you’re on a road trip some things just seem to become habitual. We stopped for a cone again on our way through an empty Arizona. Maybe it was the ice cream.. or maybe I had just settled into the pace of the journey; but either way, the whole thing was really beginning to feel like a true, great american road trip.

The ‘low tire pressure’ light came on just as we crossed into California. It was around 1am. Rather than spend the night with tumble weeds, we opted for the Walmart parking lot. Morning brought relief; the tires were fine. The culprit; a faulty sensor.

A storm churned as we drove deeper into southern California. I pulled over to double check the straps on the kayak. A bit of lucky timing I guess.

The skies cleared up and jitters from morning coffee set in. We were only a few hours away.

the great american road trip

Some whoosker-do’s and whoosker-dont’s at the gas station outside of Joshua Tree.

I rolled down the window. Mid-70’s. Not bad for January, eh?


Lesson #3:

Save your cash and embrace your inner dirtbag. Don’t be afraid to call a Walmart parking lot home for the night. Here’s a great article on the topic.